Pastures and farms

Caring for unique animals

Ham is considered to be of good quality for its flavour, the health benefits it provides and also because it is produced from an animal that is raised and cared for as it deserves: in an ethical way that guarantees its wellbeing. Let’s take a look at the pastures and farms where the pigs are raised.

The pastures

 The pastures

A life in freedom

In the pastures of the Iberian Peninsula, acorn-fed Iberian pigs live in the open air. This landscape is unique in the world: a land of gentle hills, oak forests and fresh streams, the fruit of the respectful interaction between man and nature. Here, the animals spend their last months in complete freedom, enjoying themselves, walking and eating anything they find that takes their fancy: aromatic herbs, grass, fresh water... and acorns.

The acorn

The acorn: the key to everything

Holm and gall-oak acorns are a culinary delight in themselves. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), essential amino acids and trace elements, each of these nuts provides an enormous amount of nutrients that the Iberian pig stores as fat. Therefore, acorn-fed Iberian pigs are healthy and their fat is too (in fact, its composition is very similar to virgin olive oil).

Animal wellbeing

Respect for ethics and the wellbeing of the animal is a very serious issue in Spain. For this reason, both the pigs in pastures and those on the farms are raised under strict controls to guarantee their physical, sanitary and emotional wellbeing.



Farms that improve continuously

Pig farms today are safe, increasingly sustainable and respectful of the wellbeing of animals: they have enough room in the pens, comfortable beds of fresh hay for the Iberian pigs, natural light and a controlled temperature and environment... It is very important for the animals to be comfortable, both in ethical terms and to ensure the final quality of the ham.

The perfect

The perfect feed

Animal feed is essential to the final product. It is very important that the feed is specifically designed for each breed and age and produced in our own mills using only the best varieties of cereals and legumes.